Work In Progress – Big Eye Art

I have some exciting projects on the horizon.  I will be teaching a private painting class to follow up the private drawing class I taught in November.  I am also in discussion with someone for a new painting commission.

In the meantime, I am working on a non-commission painting.  You can see my progress so far below.

It may be hard to see the image above, but I started as always painting the lighter areas onto a black ground.  In the image below, I added the primaries to suggest the values of light.

In the next two images, I worked on the child’s skin.  Everything else is still the underpainting.

I finished up the skin and started working on the hair….

And below, most of the child’s shirt is complete.  I also started to work on the cat’s fur.

The next step will be to finish the cat, then move on to the dog.  I will then create the background and fine-tune the figures.

I am very much into Big Eye Art, a folk/pop style that was popular in the 50s and 60s.  I have several original pieces in my personal collection.  I thought it would be interesting to borrow familiar subject matter of Margaret Keane, namely sad children and animals, but to present them in a more realistic style.

Hopefully, I will finish this piece by the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Work In Progress – Big Eye Art

  1. Thanks for posting up this series of images Dean, I love this kind of post where you can trace an artist’s process and way of working. Great to see how you start from very dark, adding some primary colours first, a ral eye-opener, the end result of the skin tones is so good, a great looking painting already

    • Thanks, Phil! I don’t know if anyone else on the planet works this way, but a lot of trial and error has led me to this technique.

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