Wednesday: Comics Discussion

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My Favorite Comics
Wed, Jan 15, 6pm – 8pm:
Biographical and Autobiographical comics

A monthly discussion series that I am moderating.  We discuss and dissect all types of comics and all aspects of graphic storytelling.  Bring your favorite comics, graphic novels, snacks, friends and opinions!

January’s topic is Biographical & Autobiographical Comics.  Bring in comics about a real-life person.  If you don’t have any, come in and learn from other comics fans.  We’ll talk about why comics offer a unique method of self-expression for non-fiction creators.  We’ll cover Crumb, Bagge, Bechdel, and lots of creators who fly under the radar of pop culture.

A $3 donation will be asked for at the door, or pre-pay at….  Plan ahead and pre-register for multiple sessions!

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