Urban Icons

Here are a couple of new pieces for 2016. Longtime followers will know that they fit into Chicago Art, my ongoing solo show at Natural Elements Salon. A marketing genius who recently visited the space described the pieces as “Urban Icons” — and he is right! My goal is to explore Chicago-centric visual symbols, which take on a life and meaning independent of the people and objects that inspired them. That is more or less what icons do.

Pablo and The Picasso

Pablo and The Picasso, 2016

With the piece above, I bring back The Chicago Picasso statue, a symbol I have explored in numerous ways throughout this show. With this piece, I combine the same reference with another theme I have been exploring lately, portrait-as-symbol. I like the way Pablo Picasso and his statue seem to be examining one another. The stripes on Picasso’s shirt almost mirror the lines of the statue.

With the piece below, I am in full-on Pop Art mode, appropriating a symbol from advertising art. It was less than a year ago that I claimed I could never be a true Pop Artist, because I did not take inspiration from the outside world. As I inevitably do, I have contradicted my own statements and embraced that which I once rejected. Thus do I reconcile the dualities within me.

The Salt Girl, 2016

The Salt Girl, 2016

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    • Thank you, Phil! It was definitely fun imagery to work with, pairing an artist with one of his pieces. It would be interesting to give the same treatment to a host of luminaries from art history….

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