Believe it or not, I’m still here.  I’ve been kept away from the blogging universe due to some of the responsibilities I mentioned in a recent entry, especially my first home purchase and move.

I’ve been doing lots of painting — but not canvases, I’m afraid.  I’m painting all the walls.  Carpet replacement will happen sometime next week.  After that, I can empty the last of the boxes.

Fortunately, it’s already looking less like a hoarder’s storage unit and more like a home.  I have a second bedroom here that I will be using for my art studio.

One advantage of the new dwelling is its proximity to Lake Michigan.  I live around the corner from it, and I’ve already spent several hours there staring at the horizon and letting everything go.

I’m always overwhelmed by the size of the lake.  It seems like it goes on forever in all directions.

I haven’t been completely uncreative during the nesting process.  I have some new drawings to post, a collaborative project I will discuss later, and lots of sketches and notes for new paintings and prints.  I feel like I’ve had a chance to step back, look at the Big Picture, and assess what exactly I do.  I’ve gotten clarity on a few things, and I’m excited about the work that is to come.

Be sure to take a look at my previous entry.  I’m hosting a figure drawing session tomorrow night at ChiPRC.  It’s an exciting new work space on the North Side of Chicago.  I’ll be hosting more sessions and classes there in the months to come….