Upcoming Event: Faces Only

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Faces Only

Fri, Mar 21 – 7pm: Ears

Faces Only is a social drawing group. We chat, have food & drink, and practice our portrait skills with one another. It is one of those rare occasions when you can view your subject up close! Artist Dean Johnson organizes the sessions and shares his knowledge. But this is mainly a process of individual discovery. There are some things you can only learn by hands-on experience!

Practice drawing facial anatomy part-by-part … then relax, draw and chat! Each session, we focus in on a new part of the face. It is always difficult to find a model whose ears we can scrutinize, or whose nose we can analyze. But we’ll all by there for the same thing: to draw and be drawn! Learn to capture the essence of a person with FACES ONLY.

Each session $15 pre-register or at the door. Pre-register for two sessions and pay $12 each! Pre-register for three and pay $10 each!! Pre-register at chiprc.org…. The deadline for pre-registration is a week before the event. Please pre-register early, because the event will be canceled if no one has pre-registered by the deadline.

Future Sessions:
Fri, Apr 18 – 7pm: Nose
Fri, May 9 – 7pm: Under Skin
Fri, Jun 13 – 7pm: Face & Hands