Upcoming Class: The Art of Icons

The Art of Icons flyer

The Art of Icons
Tues, June 10, 2014 : 6pm – 7:30pm

Tibetan Buddhist Mandalas. Islamic Calligraphy. Byzantine mosaics. Throughout history, every culture has developed a style for expressing its spiritual perspective. Formal elements become short-hand indices of spiritual content, so that no one would mistake a mandala for a logo, or a calligraphic weaving for a shopping list.

What is it about these graphic forms that sings of a transcendent world? What makes the images iconic rather than merely illustrative? In this workshop, artist Dean Johnson will explore spiritual imagery through art history, touching upon diverse cultures and diverse styles. Learn how art and spirituality have always gone hand-in-hand….

We will analyze how artists are expressing the spiritual culture of the present day. And we will brainstorm ways to describe our own spiritual perspectives with art…. Feel free to bring paper and sketching tools. All skill levels welcome to participate!

Pre-register for The Art of Icons for $7, or pay $9 at the door. Pre-pay at chiprc.org….  The deadline for pre-registration is a week before the event. Please pre-register early, because the event will be cancelled if no one has pre-registered by the deadline.

Icon provided by Catholic Diocese Arlington