Upcoming Class: The Art of Dreams

The Art of Dreams flyer

The Art of Dreams
Monday, May 26, 2014 : 6pm – 7:30pm

There is a common language we share, a language of primal symbols. Our native tongue. We naturally speak this language in dreams, spiritual visions and religious ecstasy. Of these experiences, dreams are the most common — we have them every night. So artists through the centuries have relied on their dreams for inspiration.

In this workshop, artist Dean Johnson leads an exploration of the connection between dreams and art. Some of the topics we will cover: William Blake’s elaborate mythology; Odilon Redon’s ‘dark world of the indeterminate’; Freudian dream analysis and Salvador Dali; and the role of dreams in indigenous art….

We invite you to bring your own dreams. We will discuss our dream imagery and brainstorm ways to explore it through art…. Feel free to bring paper and sketching tools. All skill levels welcome to participate!

Pre-register for The Art of Dreams for $7, or pay $9 at the door. Pre-pay at chiprc.org….  The deadline for pre-registeration is a week before the event. Please pre-register early, because the event will be cancelled if no one has pre-registered by the deadline.

Dream by Sabine Sauermaul
Dream Catcher by Gale Titus