Upcoming Class: Art with a Curveball

Art With a Curveball flyer

Art With a Curveball: Working with Revisions and Series
Tues, May 13, 2014 : 6pm – 7:30pm

Repetition has long been part of the artistic tradition, from Monet’s haystacks to Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup cans. What is it about these ideas that can’t be contained in a single image? Why did these artists run their ideas through many permutations?

Commercial art has its own version of repetition. Tradition dictates that artists present multiple versions of a proposal, or multiple proposals. After a proposal is accepted, there is more repetition in the revision stage. The original idea mutates with each iteration….

This is art that doesn’t go straight to its target. This is art with a curveball. Art as exploration, art as a process of discovery, art that expands and evolves….

On May 13, artist Dean Johnson hosts a workshop about the tradition of repetition and revision in art. Learn about the practical function of revision, how different artists have worked in series, and how repetition has given us some of the most celebrated works.

Gain ideas for developing your own art beyond its initial stages. We welcome you to bring in old art projects, especially ones you have abandoned. We will brainstorm together new directions for those old ideas. Feel free to bring paper and sketching tools. All skill levels welcome to participate!

Pre-register for Art with a Curveball for $7, or pay $9 at the door. Pre-pay at chiprc.org….  The deadline for pre-registration is a week before the event. Please pre-register early, because the event will be cancelled if no one has pre-registered by the deadline.

Photo by Petr Kratochvil