Today: Art on Ashland

Art on Ashland artwork collage

Today, five months of hard work are coming to fruition! Art on Ashland, the art walk I have been organizing, is happening! I will be showing my work along with four other artists at 858 N Ashland Ave. Five other spaces along Ashland Ave are participating. There will be art for sale, free snacks, and free art activities.

Yesterday, the Chicago Redeye, a local paper, used my Immaculate Heart collage in a blurb about Art on Ashland. I was so proud to see my work in print! Plus, the printing process makes the image look like something from an old comic book — an aesthetic dear to my heart. I hope lots of people come out to see the piece in person and all the other amazing artwork on display.

Dean's art in the Redeye

2 thoughts on “Today: Art on Ashland

  1. What a great event to be involved in Dean, hope you all had an enjoyable and rewarding day, and congrats on getting your image into the magazine. I’ve been away travelling for a few weeks so I’ve not been online so much but I’m catching up now and it looks you’re having a great – and very busy! – period :-)

    • Thank you for your continuing support, Phil! It has indeed been a busy period. I had never organized anything on the scale of the art walk before. It was an overall positive experience, but I’m still reeling from the massive output of time and energy. I took a much-needed nap for a good chunk of the day today!

      Soon enough, I will have some photos of the event up here for you to see!

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