Three line drawings

Welcome to my first post of original artwork!  Today, I have three non-commissioned drawings to show you.  I did all three yesterday.

Lately, my work has involved coupling line drawings and heavy black spotting.  I’m avoiding suggestions of mid-tone altogether.  My primary tools are mechanical pens, but I do use a brush pen to ink large areas.

None of the white lines you see were drawn with paint, nor did I “reverse” black lines on a computer to make them white.  Instead, I inked around the areas that I wanted to remain white, including the thin white lines.

For the final image, I wanted to reference the Black-figure pottery of ancient Greece.  It seemed appropriate given the fact that the large figure is a minotaur.  I like the look so much that I intend to apply this technique to other subjects.  There’s something refreshing about seeing white lines on a black ground instead of the other way around.

In these drawings, I’m working with imagery from my dreams.  If Carl Jung is correct in suggesting that dream imagery is universal, perhaps these images will evoke something for you.

2 thoughts on “Three line drawings

  1. Love the dream imagery. I initially read the title as 3-line drawings, and wondered how you were able to do each piece with only 3 continuous lines each. Strange how the mind works.

  2. Hey,

    I wanted to say the website looks great. I can’t believe you inked in the white parts to make those images. Very Cool.


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