This Month: Events

It’s been a whirlwind year so far scheduling events and leading workshops at ChiPRC!  To make it a little easier for you to reference the dates of my events, I have added an “Upcoming Events” list to the right.  Cancellation notices will be added to the list and also distributed through my various social media channels.  Full event descriptions are still available under the Classes drop-down.

Still to come in March: My Favorite Newspaper Comics on March 19th, and Faces Only drawing workshop on March 21st!  For My Favorite Comics, we will “show and tell” our favorite newspaper comics and explore the origins of the medium.  For Faces Only, we will practice our drawing skills together, this time focusing on our ears.  Both events are highly social and lots of fun!

My Favorite Newspaper ComicsFaces Only Mar 21

Now is the perfect time to plan ahead and pre-register for Figure Drawing, April 12th!  The long poses that day will focus on the model’s back: a trickier and more complex area than one might expect.  The chiaroscuro lighting we set up helps demarcate every ripple of muscle and bone.  This will be a great opportunity to create some beautiful drawings of the human form!

Figure Drawingnude1