There Were Giants in Those Days

Picking up where the last post left off, this is another piece meant to explore the Formalist realm where comics art meets Synthetic Cubism.  I was basically riffing on Kirby with the drawing style.  Jack Kirby might be the best example of a comics artist whose personal visual language verged on synthetic design.

There is one section of the drawing, seen below, that stood out to me.  It encompasses the comics “look” while simultaneously transforming it into something else.

This small section represents an aesthetic I will continue to explore.  I look forward to seeing how these shapes affect my usual subject matter.  I think it will be a good marriage.

As with the previous entry, today’s drawing comes out of sketching.

2 thoughts on “There Were Giants in Those Days

  1. These figures are compelling, and good to see the sketchbook drawings too, and trace the development of the work. You seem to be on a roll Dean, ideas coming thick and fast, the way the style develops around the area of the image you highlighted in the detail is very interesting; looking forward to seeing where this goes!

    • Thank you for sharing my enthusiasm, Phil. I’ve done lots more sketching since the last post. I am discovering that sketching is key to pushing an idea to the next level.

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