6 thoughts on “Theotokos II

  1. Mary looks very real, very human. I like that she’s not kneeling. She’s leaning on the crib, looking like someone who has just given birth: exhausted, happy, amazed. On the other hand, Joseph looks like Thor or Zeus. And the baby’s hair has one white curl that looks like a tiny horn. Maybe simplifying this image is what brings out these mythical possibilities. At first glance, I actually thought this was going to be one of your dream images…..maybe in some way it actually is. Either way, it’s a great piece.

    • Very good comments, Terrie! Your description of Mary could serve as a narrative to accompany the image. I’m happy the body language spoke to you.

      I am heavily influenced by the black-figure pottery of ancient Corinth and Athens. This aesthetic informs so much what I do, regardless of the subject matter. It connects the imagery to mythology (and dream) in a way that a “realistic” rendering does not, not only because it reminds us of early Greek art; but also because the symbolism is not obscured and impeded by too much detail. Maybe this is why I actually prefer pre-Classical Greek art to the hyper-realistic Classical style.

  2. Did you create this? It’s kinda scary in a peaceful sorta way. I hope you don’t mind too many abbreviated words on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding.

    • Thanks for the comment, Scott. Yes, there always seems to be a scary element in my work, even when the subject matter is gentle. That’s probably why my best work tends to be monsters from Greek mythology!

      Congratulations on the wedding day of your daughter. May their first child be a masculine child.

  3. Great use of black and white in these latest images, beautifully judged, and I love the combination of strong shapes and tender emotion in these works

    • Thanks, Phil! I’ve been trying to working intuitively when I “reduce” the figures to lines and shapes. I am enjoying the degree of abstraction that is coming in…. As for conveying emotions, there is no better education in my opinion than comic books! They demonstrate how to tell a story with body language.

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