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The World Needs More Love, 2017

The World Needs More Love, 2017

I recently premiered a digital piece entitled The World Needs More Love, which you can see to the left. The piece came out of a vague desire to combine the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary with the rainbow pride flag and a message promoting love. As I see them, the Sacred Hearts represent hearts inflamed with love for humanity, despite the sufferings both receive. The pride flag embraces diversity.

These are potent symbols, now more than ever. It is so tempting to respond to violence with more violence, but as the popular saying puts it, “Fighting for peace is like f***ing for virginity.” Capisci?

The image that I premiered on August 9 was not the first attempt I made to translate my idea into reality. I went through numerous drafts before I created something I liked. But neither was the official image the last attempt I made. I probably created the official image three quarters of the way through the process.

I kept on creating additional versions so I would have lots of options to consider, and I wasn’t sure which one I would choose until the very end. To see how I varied the idea, you can view some of the alternate versions in this post. Do you have a favorite?

This experience verifies the importance of creating multiple versions of any idea. If I had stopped after just one attempt, I never would have produced the image I love.

Producing alternate versions is admittedly much easier to do with digital art than with traditional mediums, because the image on the computer screen can be edited and altered ad nauseam. Even so, a traditional medium artist can create series to fully explore an idea.

Collar Boy

Collar Boy, 2017

Collar Boy, 2017

I am proud to premiere my new painting, Collar Boy (left). I painted this from a photograph sent to me by Aaron Ranney, whose Instagram page you can view here. He is an enthusiastic art lover, and he has been graciously modelling for lots of artists on Instagram. Thank you, Aaron, for bringing this pose to life!Collar Boy Painting first layer

To learn how I go from a solid black canvas to the finished painting, see my latest video (below)! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for exclusive art tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, and more!

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