GOTG Fan Art – More Pics

GOTG FacesHere are two more photos of the Guardians of the Galaxy fan painting I made, which is now hanging in the home of some very happy superfans. In case you missed my previous post, I switched out the faces of Starlord and Gamora with those of John and Theresa, a couple of Marvel-maniacs (like me). GOTG closeup

These photos were taken by John, who appears as Starlord in the composition. I am happy to report that he was very pleased with the painting! It’s not every day that you get to see yourself surrounded by a space assassin, a sentient tree, and a talking raccoon.

GOTG Fan Art

GOTG A BeginningsI recently finished one of my most challenging projects, a Guardians of the Galaxy fan painting. I was basically paying homage to one of the movie posters, replacing the faces of Starlord and Gamora with those of a superfan couple, John and Theresa.GOTG B Faces Finished

It measures 2″ x 3″, which is only slightly smaller than the size of a real movie poster. While not technically the biggest painting I have made, it is nonetheless bigger than my usual canvases. With a GOTG C Finishedfull 5 characters in view, along with energy beams, spaceships, and a planet, it is definitely the most complex and detailed composition I have worked on.

This painting really put me through my paces, and I’m glad I got the exercise! I feel ready to take on new challenges and go outside of my comfort zone.

Guardians of the Galaxy and its team members are trademarks of Marvel Comics.

Celebrating Comics Culture

Dean with LoganSeveral years ago, I attended my first comics convention. It was Wizard World, which is held each year in Rosemont, IL. I was there for two days. I stayed overnight at a hotel adjoining the convention space. It was the biggest, most all-encompassing entertainment experience I’d ever had.

I remember for the first time in my life feeling surrounded by like-minded people. I didn’t have to explain to anyone my love of comic books, Godzilla or Star Trek. It was actually sad for me to leave the convention after the second day, because it was like leaving home.Dean with Jack 2

Since then, I have attended several other conventions of varying size and scope, but I hadn’t been to Wizard World in at least four years. Last month, I attended Wizard World 2015. It was a little bit like visiting your elementary school classroom after you’ve gained some years and height.
Everything looked smaller.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I was able to explore the entire convention hall in a relatively short amount of time. I could take pictures without worrying about wasting time. But it goes to show how much I have changed since that first convention. These days, my love of comics and its culture is a nostalgia rather than an active pursuit. I celebrate a medium that gave me so much joy for so many years, and I’m happy it continues to thrive.

Dean with Austin and Shadow

MFC Presents: Tim Burton’s Batman

Who would win in a fight: Michael Caine’s rendition of Alfred Pennyworth, or Aunt Harriet from the Batman TV show? Your answer probably depends on which is your favorite version of the franchise. For your consideration, My Favorite Comics presents one of the most unique and iconic versions to ever hit the streets of Gotham: Tim Burton’s Batman!

MFC Presents Tim Burton's BatmanMany people remember what a big deal Tim Burton’s Batman movies were in 1989 – 1992. Countless Batman movies have come and gone since then, but for many of us, Burton’s unique vision stands supreme. The art deco set designs, the expressionistic lighting, Danny Eflman’s spooky musical score, and, of course, Michael Keaton’s inimitable interpretation of the title character.

Before there was Batfleck…. Before George Cowlney donned the cape…. There was — The Dark Keat! On October 20, ChiPRC will view and explore Tim Burton’s two Batman films. We’ll be projecting on our big white wall Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). For you movie buffs and film students, we’ll be discussing some behind-the-scenes details of the productions and analyzing Burton’s efforts. Plus, there will be trivia, games and prizes!

BYOB. By that, I mean Bring Your Own Bats. JK, you can bring beer.

Ticket price is $10. Register for this event HERE.

858 N Ashland Ave
Chicago IL 60622