Pop in Print

Give Us This Day illustrationMy pop-tacular illustration is featured in the December issue of Give Us This Day, a user-friendly prayer magazine geared toward modern Catholics. I’m in good company here, as one of the people involved with the magazine is Fr. James Martin, a fierce advocate for LGBT Catholics.

My art brings some pop to the readings for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception — truly an honor! Pick up your copy, and check me out on page 86.

A Series Is Never Complete

Sacred Heart Simplified 2In a previous post I wrote about developing a design based on the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Longtime readers of this blog will know that this was not my first attempt at adapting the icons. I have worked with this imagery many times, utilizing a wide range of mediums.

This goes to show that a series doesn’t ever have to be complete. If certain imagery really speaks to an artist, she can return to it again and again over the years. She will find new aspects of the imagery to explore or new ways to present it.

Take some time to browse through my Sacred Heart imagery below, including a brand-new piece at the upper left. Click on the images to see them full-size. Are there any versions that really grab you? Conversely, which pieces do you find less successful?

The Inner Voice

Good Shepherd, 2015

Good Shepherd, 2015

This is a drawing from two years ago that I never uploaded. I was waiting to digitally color the piece, but I think it stands on its own as well.

The sheep represent three different responses to the wisdom, guidance, and friendship of the shepherd. The sheep on the lower right looks away, its face (and sight) shrouded in darkness. The sheep in the rear sees the shepherd but remains at a distance, perhaps judging itself unworthy of his company.

The sheep on the left stretches upward to make contact with the shepherd. The boy in turn lowers his hand, meeting it halfway. He sits far above all three sheep, watching over them with equal care.

I think we all have that inner voice that tries to steer us in the best direction. Call it the conscience, the superego, the higher self, or whatever you like. No matter how many times we make mistakes, we can still turn to the compass within and choose a better path.