T-minus 1 Week to Art Show

Art of the Solstice updated flyerThere’s one week to go until Art of the Solstice at ChiPRC!  When I finished the Virgin of Guadalupe items (below) a few days ago, I decided I was officially done producing work for the show.  I have a coherent group of pieces, and there’s no reason to dilute them.  In the time I have left, I am doing the rest of the behind-the-scenes work: pricing the pieces, making title cards, buying supplies, etc.  Not a very exciting set of tasks, but still necessary.

One of the things I’ve learned through my experiences designing events at ChiPRC is that one has to create events from the ground floor — nothing can be taken for granted.  When you take a class or attend a function, know that someone actually selected and brought together all the minute elements, from the music in the background to the pencils on the table.  And the only reason you are there is because someone took the time to invite guests and advertise the event.

For example, Art of the Solstice goes back several months to a conversation had by NIA co-founder Terrie Byrne and I over a cup of coffee.  We hit on the idea of putting together two art shows: a summer gallery party, and a holiday art market.  The winter solstice (December 21) stood out as a memorable date for the latter.  That germ of an idea was embellished by Terrie, Natalie Walser and I in an NIA planning session over the summer.  Each contributing artist has helped to crystallize the final details over the last couple of months, and we are all chipping in to bring the basic supplies we will need.

My point in sharing this with you is that you can create any event you want, as long as you are willing to take the steps necessary to make it happen.  This includes creating the concept, scheduling the event, bringing together all the supplies, and promoting the hell out of it.  This can be an incredibly rewarding process, especially when you get to see people enjoying an experience that began as an idea in your head.  If you’re interested in scheduling a workshop or event at ChiPRC, I can help you.  Write to me at dean@deanjohnsonartstudio.com.

Virgin of Guadalupe tshirtVirgin of Guadalupe framed