Still Life Report

Last night’s still life session at ChiPRC was fun, and it resulted in the above image.  The improvement in lighting at Saturday’s figure drawing session helped us set up the ideal conditions for drawing the objects.

I also followed the example of the artists at Saturday’s session by retaining more of my authentic style.  I’m very pleased with the marriage of real-life observation and stark simplification.

As always, we came up with ideas as we went along for making subsequent sessions even more successful.  I will post any future dates on this blog.

In the meantime, please pre-register for Wednesday night’s discussion group about comics and graphic novels.  You can write me at, or follow this link to the ChiPRC page.

2 thoughts on “Still Life Report

  1. Great image, what I love about it is it’s so confidently your own take on the still life, Dean – it couldn’t ‘t be by anybody else. You’ve taken some mundane objects and created an image with great presence, that’s real flair!

    • You always imbue your art with your personal touch, Phil, so I am greatly encouraged to receive this comment from you!

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