Spring Events

Get creative to combat the cold with my Spring events! Registration links for each event will work for people with iPhones or Androids. If you don’t have an iPhone or Android,  you are still welcome to register! Just send the ticket price to chicagoprc@gmail.com with the name of the class in your message field. Thanks!

Brick wall 2Drawing Techniques: Depth & Perspective 
Saturday, January 30. 1:00pm – 3:00pm
ticket price: $50
Meatloaf once sang, “Objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are.” If he were singing about objects drawn with “perspective”, he could have said, “They may appear farther away than the surface of the page!” When you add depth and perspective to your art, it makes your images look like they have believable, distant backgrounds.

Once you know the tricks and techniques that artists use to create depth and perspective, you can give your images the appearance of three-dimensional reality. You will learn the meaning of “vanishing point,” and how these points can help you draw 3-D objects. You will learn how to determine the exact placement of train tracks, checker board squares and other patterns receding into the distance. And you will learn how atmospheric effects can improve the believability of your backgrounds.

To register for Drawing Techniques: Depth & Perspective, click here.

Arty Party illustrationMixed Media Arty Party
Satruday, Febryary 27 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm
ticket price: $20
Have you been living like a hermit this winter? Have you missed hanging out with your creative friends, because you’ve been avoiding going out in the snowy weather? We are organizing an intervention for all you hermits, and we like to call it our Mixed Media Arty Party!

The studio will be warm, the music will be jamming, and you will have ALL ACCESS to art supplies and equipment! Paper, Paint, Markers and More! Go CRAZY collaging and mixing mediums! Let loose and experiment! Every guest gets a blank canvas to fill with their ARTIEST ideas!

Professional artist Dean Johnson will be in the house to assist you with all the supplies! This event is BYOB! Now, who’s ready to Ar-tay?

To register for Mixed Media Arty Party, click here.

6 Origami in 60 Minutes pic.jpg6 Origami in 60 Minutes
Friday, March 25 – 6:30pm – 7:30pm
ticket price: $10
Friday night is date night. What are you going to do? You could do the usual and take your honey to dinner and a movie. Or you could surprise him/her with the BEST DATE EVER! I’m talking about 6 Origami in 60 Minutes, y’all.

Artist and Origami enthusiast Dean Johnson will lead you step-by-step in making 6 origami sculptures! You’ll get printed instructions to take home, so you can keep practicing your origami skillz!

Are you single? You’re welcome too! What better way to beef up your dating profile than adding “Origami Wizard” to your accomplishments!

This event is BYOB, as in Bring Yo’ Origami Badness! Also, you can bring alcohol.

To register for 6 Origami in 60 Minutes, click here.

Figure Drawing IllustrationFigure Drawing
Saturday, April 23 – 6:00pm – 8:00pm
ticket price: $30
Are you self-conscious about your drawings? Have you always wanted to draw a live model, but you worry about not being a good enough artist? Does imagining a model standing over you on a pedestal, looking down at your drawings, make your stomach tie up in knots? Well, we’ve got a safe space for you!

This is a Figure Drawing session for real people. We welcome all styles and all skill levels. We encourage you to draw in your own way. There is a wide variety of art supplies available to help you get in your comfort zone, from markers to pastels, and pencils to charcoal.

What’s more, our friendly model will not be looming on a pedestal, but standing right in front of us. And that pretty much sums up Figure Drawing — nobody’s talent towers over the rest. We’re all equally good, and equally welcome!

To register for Figure Drawing, click here.

858 N Ashland Ave
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