See Me on Tumblr!

One of my long-term projects for 2014 is making my work and my life more accessible to people.  I have already set up Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as a YouTube channel.  I recently created a separate webcomic site.

I am adding to my list of outlets a brand-new Tumblr account for images only.  These images will include not only artwork, but also photos from my life that wouldn’t normally make it onto this blog.  Here is an example taken from my first Tubmlr post:

Monty and Nicky asleep

My goal is to create an option for people who want to see images related to my work and life, but who don’t care to read all the commentary I include here on my blog.  Let’s face it: I can be a long-winded writer.  And my verbal diarrhea is not for everyone.

This main website will continue to house all of my artwork, including new webcomic pages, as well as my wordy commentary and class news.  My webcomic site, Dean Dreams , will have webcomic pages and almost no other content.  My Tumblr blog will have images only, including both stand-alone artwork and webcomic pages.  But no commentary.  It will also be my primary outlet for personal photos.

Those of you following me on Twitter or Facebook will automatically receive my Tumblr content through those channels.  But fans and friends who are not on Twitter or Facebook can access this content here:

Dean Johnson Art Studio Tumblr

So what do I use Twitter and Facebook for?  I have been tweeting little updates about my art commissions and projects; and I have been re-tweeting news about cool art exhibits, cool paintings and pop culture stuff.  Content that is too brief or too non-personal for this blog.  And all these tweets automatically travel to my Facebook timeline.

My additional Facebook content is whatever is a little too lengthy for Twitter.  But still related to art, comics and other geeky subjects.  Obviously, there’s more room on Facebook for lengthy commentary.  So Facebook houses the most content from me aside from this blog: Tumblr images, tweets and FB posts are all there.  I figure people can “cap” their Dean Johnson content by choosing which format they will follow.

Side-note: I’m also on Google+, but I’m not too familiar with the platform yet.  View my posts and add me to your circles by clicking here: Dean Johnson Art Studio.