The stars are unreachable to youOcean of Love
but I can see them in you
feel the light like the warmth of a beating heart
Wherever I look, it is there
and in the looking, it is there too
in the very breath we breath
and in the breathing

The continuity that strings your past selves
present selves, future selves
the reconciliation of all possible selves
Known are the things you would hide from yourself
This is the goal at the end of your Quest
but it is here now in your seeking
There is no point of disconnect

If my words bring a tear to the corner of your eye
and a shiver to your breathing
then you already have the key that unlocked it all
but if I sound as a broken cymbal
or these words only make you laugh
then this key won’t work for you
or you don’t know how to use it yet

There is a kind of gravity that draws you
like a mother calling her child home
She calls the young and old, rich and poor
to the door of destiny
Humiliation, loss, physical danger
These are her words spoken out of compassion
Undoing all that you areLotus Dreaming

so that you can Become
Fight against it if you like
Cling to dissolving things
Deny your own transience
even to the moment of death
In the end we will awaken together
A void that dreamt of stars