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Critique Club
Friday, August 29, 6pm – 7pm
Friday, September 5, 6pm – 7pm
Friday, September 12, 6pm – 7pm

A piece of art, or an idea just germinating in an artist’s head, can benefit from another set of eyes, another unique perspective. There are possibilities hiding in our ideas that we simply cannot see by ourselves. Once we receive someone’s helpful feedback, our ideas grow like flowers in sunlight.

When I was studying Fine Art at Columbia College Chicago, I participated in innumerable group critiques.  I found that the feedback of other artists brought to light possibilities in my work that I had missed.  As a result of this interaction, my art improved.  In my professional work, I have seen the same evolution occur with the influence of my clients’ feedback.  Critique Club is my way of making a place for this kind of helpful dialogue in the lives of independent artists.

If you are looking to grow your ideas, sign up for Critique Club. Maybe you’re feeling stuck, or maybe you just want to take your ideas to the next level. Let your fellow artists be that other set of eyes.  Their feedback can motivate you to take action.

We will meet every Friday for three weeks, present our ongoing art projects, and give one another valuable feedback.  Critique Club is a community of support and constructive criticism. You will get honest opinions about your work as well as insights and suggestions that never would have occurred to you in isolation. Bring in whatever you’re working on, even if it’s just a concept. Let your community of artists help you get to the next level!  Ticket price is $60, which covers all three sessions.

Register here:

858 N Ashland Ave
Chicago IL  60622