Recent Commissions

Regular visitors have probably noticed a drop-off in new art posting in 2016. Instead, I have been using this blog mainly to promote my art group, NIA, which is involved in a lot of activities throughout the year.

There is a good reason why my art-related postings have slowed down: I haven’t been making any new art, except for commissioned pieces. Instead, I have been putting my time and energy into applying for various art shows in Chicago. I am also gearing up for a group show with NIA in December called NIA Fine Art Friday.

The commissions have been wonderful experiences, because they remind me that there are still people who think of me and seek out my art. In addition to the Rafael Nadal painting I recently completed, I was commissioned to produce three cut-out collages in the style of the successful Urban Icons series.

Chicago Bull Market, 2016 - SOLD

Chicago Bull Market, 2016 – SOLD

I am posting two of the collages here: Chicago Bull Market (above) and New Orleans (below). The story behind the second pieces is actually pretty amazing. A client commissioned this for her nephew, who worked as a bicycle delivery person in New Orleans. When news of the impending Hurricane Katrina broke in 2005, he actually rode his bicycle out of the city, narrowly escaping the storm!

New Orleans, 2016 - SOLD

New Orleans, 2016 – SOLD

I love fulfilling commissions, because they are guaranteed sales; the client is already committed to the purchase. My previously-completed works, on the other hand, just sit in my studio, waiting to connect with their audience. I have a huge inventory of unsold art left over from any number of past shows, so I have been putting great effort into getting that work into new shows. My goal is to whittle down my inventory and create room for new works.

In the meantime, I am trying very hard not to generate any new inventory — which isn’t easy! I am also using this time to stand back and assess my artistic journey so far, determining what works best for me, and thus setting the stage for the next leg of my journey. When I am ready to start producing again, I will have a stronger vision and a better plan.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please leave a comment!