Patriotic art commission

Dean at work on commissionsThe way freelance art seems to work can be summed up with the expression “feast or famine.” I tend to get a lot of commissions all at once, and then nothing at all for weeks on end.

I am fortunate to be working on three commissions at the moment, one of which I will write about today. I was asked to paint on the back of a ceramic piece created by another artist.front of patriotic art

The client has been hanging the piece, which you see at right, on one of his windows. People outside get to see the patriotic imagery, but everyone inside only got to see plain dark blue shapes.

The client asked me to create imagery for the back that was related to the imagery on the front. I immediately decided to try to outdo the front (no offense to the artist who made it) with an image of Jesus blessing the USA with his nail-punctured hands.

Jesus Blessing USAI began by priming the back sides with acrylic gesso. I then used one of my new favorite mediums, gouache, to create the imagery. I took great care to match the specific reds, whites and blues from the front of the piece. The final step was to use a spray-on acrylic glaze to help preserve the painting.

I think my client will be very happy to look at this image hanging in his window! And I am happy to have a little more practice painting with gouache.

If you would like to request a commission, write to me at Help me prolong this period of “feasting”!