Party All the Time

nia-cool-poseSaturday’s NIA Gallery Party was a big success! Maybe that’s why we look so triumphant in the photo to the left. Clockwise from the left: Christina Bosco, Dean Johnson, Terrie Byrne, and Christopher Berry (kneeling).

We sold six of the nine wine glasses we had hand-painted, and several visitors left freewill donations. All of those proceeds will help to pay for NIA Fine Art Friday, our December 2 art show. In addition, I sold my Al Capone piece, and our host, Terrie Byrne, sold two of her

As with our previous gallery parties, this event took place in a private residence — the home of NIA member, Terrie Byrne. We all agreed beforehand that the party would serve as a preview for our upcoming NIA Fine Art Friday. With that in mind, we each limited ourselves to three of our pieces.

gallery-party-christina-boscoAt left, you see Christina Bosco with two of her beautiful, expressive paintings. This was Christina’s third NIA event, and she always manages to surprise us with her inimitable vision. You can see more of her work on her

At right, you see Christopher Berry with some of his lively, abstract pieces. The party was Christopher’s first NIA show, although he has been working with us all year to shape the trajectory of NIA. You can view more of Christopher’s work on instagram.

gallery-party-terrie-byrneAs usual, I didn’t manage to snag a solo shot of our host, Terrie Byrne, standing still! She was too busy graciously attending to everyone’s needs. At left, you see two of her elegant paintings. Terrie’s website is undergoing a renovation, so please follow her on

At right, you see me standing with my cutouts in the background. You are already aware of my website, because you are here! You can also find my work on other platforms, such as Deviantart, Tumblr, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.

The party was well-attended. There were at least 30 people over the course of three hours. We had planned ahead and brought brochures to give away for NIA Fine Art Friday, and we posted signs for the event all over the apartment. It is highly likely that most of the people who came to the gallery party will also attend our show in December.

gallery-party-crowdThese results prove the purpose and efficacy of planning ahead. NIA has been meeting approximately once per month since the beginning of the year. After each meeting, we all know what is expected of us in order to prepare for the coming month. Nothing is left to

If there’s one thing I can impress upon up-and-coming artists, it is the importance of planning ahead. We’ve been working on NIA Fine Art Friday literally all year, and each of our smaller events has been building up to the show in December. I know it’s going to be an amazing exhibit, because we’ve put in the work.