Odds N’ Ends

Dean and Jerry at Art InstituteI had a very good day wandering The Art Institute of Chicago with my husband, Jerry Sacher.  It is always so moving to see up-close works by artists I admire, including El Greco, Whistler, Cezanne, Gauguin and van Gogh — and even a couple of drawings by Symbolist Jan Toorop in the Goldman Collection room!

Also in the Goldman room are graphite drawings by Picasso, Degas and Cezanne.  There is something honest and fascinating about these images.  No fancy paint-work to hide the artists’ basic mark-making instincts.  It is a clear window into their thought processes.

Faces Only Ears

After the Art Institute, I headed over to ChiPRC for Faces Only.  Tonight’s topic was ears.  The basic idea is that the artists take over the role of models.  It is the perfect opportunity to scrutinize someone’s face up close, because everyone is there to draw and be drawn.

Dean Faces Only 2Dean Faces Only 4

Dean Faces Only 3

Dean Faces Only 1

Prometheus at ChiPRC

A print of my drawing, Prometheus Stealing Firewater, is currently on display at ChiPRC.  It joins other bird-related artwork in an installation called “The Bird Bath.”  Most of the pieces also relate in some way to self-publishing, an important part of ChiPRC’s mission statement.  Come see The Bird Bath while it is still flying!

858 N Ashland
Chicago IL  60622
Open Hours: Sundays, 12:00 – 5:00


Also hanging up at ChiPRC is an article from the February 24, 2014 edition of The Columbia Chronicle, the student newspaper for my Alma mater, Columbia College Chicago.  Entitled ChiPRC aids authors, artists interested in self-publishing, the article features quotes from both me and ChiPRC founder, John Wawrzaszek.  It’s a good article, but it isn’t available online, and I don’t know how many print copies of the paper are still circulating.

In the article, I discuss the role of my workshops.  My approach is always to give artists an opportunity to say something with their own voice, not to change their voice.  I can provide fresh input — like a live model to draw, or an unusual topic to think about.  Beyond that, I am there to support them in what they do.  In the article, I say, “The more we can do to give people the space where they can feel validated in what they do, the better chance there is that they’re going to go out and make a big hit somewhere.”  I also say, “For the most part, you’re locked in your studio, experimenting and following your own train of thought.  It can be very rewarding to step outside of the solitude from time to time.”

With that thought, I invite you out of your solitude to join me and other local artists at any of these upcoming events.  It’s always a no-pressure situation at our meet-ups.  Our artists bring a wide-range of styles to the table — and whatever you bring is sure to enhance the diversity and delight your fellow artists!