Odds N’ Ends 4

Two Tshirts

The recent NIA show has continued to have positive repercussions for me, including:

  • Orders for more tshirts (see the photo at right)
  • An invitation to be part of a brand-new Sacred Art Fair here in Chicago within the next two years
  • Plans crystallizing for a showing of my work at an upscale Chicago hair salon in 2015

The success of the show also motivated me to put the finishing touches on my Etsy store, which you can link to from my Online Store page (under the Store drop-down), or simply by clicking here!  This will be your main source for all my latest art for sale.  Also take a moment to visit my DeviantArt page, from which you can order high-quality prints of my work.

Although I have been on YouTube for quite some time, I decided to create a basic Introduction video for anyone who is unfamiliar with my work.  My primary motivation was  to flesh out my Elance profile, which allows for the inclusion of a video.

Dean Johnson – Artist


Art Institute Chicago

Heaven and EarthI want to tell you about my most recent visit to Art Institute Chicago.  The main reason I went was to see an exhibit that ends this Sunday, Ghosts and Demons in Japanese Prints.  The collection was cool and definitely worth seeing.  The delicate lines and detail the artists were able to achieve with woodcut makes my linocut work look clunky.

It ended up being another exhibit, however, — one I didn’t even know about! — that made my day.  Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections showcases art from the early Byzantine empire.  Byzantium was established by Emperor Constantine, the famous Roman convert to Christianity, in what is now Turkey.  This art reflects not only the genesis of Roman Christian art, but also what will become Greek Orthodox Iconography.

I’ve been reading a lot about Orthodox Iconography as part of my general study of religious art, and it’s all there at the Art Institute: images of Mary, the Angels and Saints, Biblical events, etc.  The fascinating thing about Iconography is how the flatness and facial distortions paradoxically seem to make the subjects jump out at you.  It’s an eerily beautiful experience stare into the eyes of an Icon.  Somehow, through the visual physics of Iconography, they do appear to be staring back at you.

Take some time to commune with the Icons before they are gone.  The exhibit runs through February 15.  Additional reviews are here, here and here.

2 thoughts on “Odds N’ Ends 4

  1. Happy new year Dean, really good to hear the recent NIA show has generated such positive activity, well done mate, the T-shirts look fab – looks like 2015 is going to be a busy year!

    • You know the old superstition: whatever you’re doing on New Years will carry over into the rest of the year! Just in case there’s any truth to it, I made sure I was doing some pro-active things, like setting up the Etsy store.

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