Odds N’ Ends 3

This will be another post to round up all the art-related experiences I’ve had recently in my hometown, Chicago!


Dean at MCAI recently visited the MCA with my husband, Jerry.  The MCA is always a wild experience, because the term “contemporary art” encompasses everything that is happening in the art world.  Take a walk through the exhibits, and you will encounter jarringly diverse art styles and mediums.

That being said, I have never left the MCA without falling in love with at least one of its exhibits.  The most fascinating exhibition for me this time is called Unbound: Contemporary Art after Frida Kahlo.  The curator brought together contemporary works that resonate with Kahlo’s oeuvre.  Much of the work is figurative, which is always appealing to me.

Dean and Jerry at MCA

Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park ZooAnother fun activity was our first visit of the year to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  My favorite art piece on the property, the Eugene Field memorial, was not accessible due to walkway renovations.  Please take a moment to view the gorgeous memorial here.

The memorial includes numerous references to the Chicago-born poet’s works, including an angelic “Dream Lady,” a haunting pair of sleeping children, and a relief sculpture of Wynken, Blynken and Nod in the land of dreams.  I am obsessed with the significance and beauty of dreams, so the memorial utterly captivates me.

Another beautiful treatment of Fields’ works can be found in Wellsboro, PA.

Meanwhile, I came across a sculpture that I cannot believe I have never noticed before.  Rites of Spring (below) by Milton Horn depicts a Greek-esque Pan playing his pipes beside a ram.  This looks a lot like something I would create!  The sculpture was apparently reclaimed from a demolished building.

Rites of Spring


Jerry and Dean at CAKEJerry and I attended the 2014 Chicago Alternative Comics Festival, or CAKE.  This was my first time at the event, which features creators who self-publish or work with independent publishing houses.  I couldn’t believe the diversity and creativity of the work on display, which flourishes outside of mainstream market demands.

My logo design for the summer ChiPRC calendar got a lot of exposure (below)!  (You might recall another CAKE connection — a promotional flyer I produced for a fundraiser.)

Dean's ChiPRC flyer at CAKEAmong the comics I picked up were issues of Spiro’s Greek Myths.  I was so thrilled to discover that this series exists!  I am thoroughly impressed with Spiro’s passion for myth.  He knows his stuff, and he takes the strongest elements from multiple sources.  He has a knack for focused and fun tellings of these classic stories.

Spiro's Greek Myths


John PorcellinoChiPRC gets mentioned in this article from comicsbeat.com, which is basically a report on CAKE.  There is a blurb about Indie creator John Porcellino‘s week-long comics workshop at ChiPRC (pictured left).

I was privileged to be on-site a couple of those days in case John needed help with anything.  It turned out he had the proceedings well under control — but it was still fun to be present and to soak in the passion of the participants.

For upcoming ChiPRC events, pop over to our calendar.  And check out all the classes I am leading here.