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Great Zeus, Protect Us!

Kraken 1

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My Favorite Comics

Just got back from My Favorite Comics.  Tonight’s topic was comics-to-movie and movie-to-comics adaptations.  It’s interesting to look at the earliest cinematic adaptations of comics properties, the movie serials.  Many of these were shot before the invention of the superhero, so the main characters are all adventure strip stars.  Like Flash Gordon and Ace Drummond in 1936, or Dick Tracy and Jungle Jim in 1937.

Even after Superman’s creation in 1938, adventure strip characters get a lot of screen time.  There was Mandrake the Magician in 1939, Terry and the Pirates in 1940, and Brenda Starr in 1945.  Superman didn’t get his own serial until 1948, basically at the end of the serial boom.  And that was eight years after Captain Marvel, a similar character, had come to life on the silver screen.

If you like to discuss and learn about things like this, join us!  My Favorite Comics meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm.  The topic for May 21 will be Indie / Self-published comics.  Bring examples from your own collection to show off, or just bring your opinions!

Art Workshops

While I was at ChiPRC, founder John Wawrzaszek gave me this very cool flyer he created to spotlight all the art-related programming we have going on.  He incorporated the Yellow Kid that I drew at the previous My Favorite Comics session!  Definitely a lot of cool workshops coming up, so pre-register now!

ChiPRC flyerflyer design by Johnny Misfit

Art With a Curveball

Marilyn in Chalk 2

I had some extra time at ChiPRC tonight, so I drew this Marilyn on the chalk board.  It ties in with my upcoming workshop, Art With a Curveball: Working with Series and Revisions.  On May 13, we will meet to discuss famous art that exists in series, such as Andy Warhol’s Marilyns.  We will then develop our own old and abandoned art projects, expanding and evolving them through multiple iterations.

I have been working more and more in series lately.  I’ve even set up a special page in the Gallery drop-down dedicated to work in series.  I’m looking forward to sharing images that exist in context with one another.  Sometimes, a single image is not enough to satisfy a broad idea….