ChiPRC Interview

Collin Brennan has written a great article for Groupon about ChiPRC, the space where I am leading art classes.  He interviews founder John Wawrzaszek, who lays out his vision for ChiPRC.  You can read the piece by clicking here.

On the Wall Exhibit

In other news, John has entered a piece from the ‘zine I illustrated, Field Manual: Human Body, into a show at the Chicago hair salon, Strange Beauty Show.  The exhibit is entitled On The Wall, and highlights work that originally appeared in self-published ‘zines or comics.  John has paired one of his text pages with the illustration that accompanies it.

Strange Beauty Show teamed up with Quimby’s Bookstore to make the exhibit happen.  Quimby’s specializes in self-published and obscure work — things you will probably never see anywhere else.  If you are ever in Chicago, Quimby’s is worth a visit.

In keeping with ‘zine tradition, John created Xerox copies of the text page and illustration.  The 11″ X 17″ prints are on sale at Strange Beauty Show for $10, which will include a complete copy of Field Manual: Human Body.  Photograph below by Johnny Misfit:

Strange Beauty Show is located at: 1118 N Ashland Ave, Chicago IL  60622.

2 thoughts on “News

  1. What a great post, full of interesting things, I really enjoyed reading about ChiPRC, it sounds fab, I was left wanting to find something like it here; not sure if anything like it exists in London but I’m going to find out!
    I do love that Human Body piece too – strange, unsettling, funny, and a great illustration, good stuff mate!

    • I had great text to work with when I did the Human Body illustrations. By turns, funny, poignant and unsettling. It always helps when I’m inspired by my assignment!

      ChiPRC is a unique space, but it is definitely feeding a pre-existing hunger in the self-publishing/printing community. Since there is something similar in Seattle, perhaps there is something in London as well…. Hope you find it!

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