New Painting – My Little Friend

Here is what I call a “personal piece.”  Personal because it was not commissioned.  My primary motivation for making this piece was to create something that would make me happy.  It is also nice to expand my portfolio and have something to put up for sale at upcoming events.  (See my Contact page if you want to snatch it up before then.)

I used acrylics on canvas board.  Size is 11″ x 14″.  I call it: “My Little Friend.”

I am excited for you all to see this, because it is my first posting of a painting on this blog.  There will be more postings like this in the weeks to come, although I do not produce nearly as many paintings as I do drawings.  There is an efficiency with drawing that is not possible with painting.  Today’s piece took about twelve hours (not counting the underpainting).

One thought on “New Painting – My Little Friend

  1. These figures are disturbing and beautiful. The colors on the hair of the background figure is gorgeous. And the skin tones with pale sage and lavender tinted shadows… it. At the same time there’s something about these figures’ gazes that makes me squirm. I like looking at them. I just don’t like them looking at me.

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