New Painting Commission

female figure backIt’s been awhile since I have posted anything new! Since my Chicago Art show closed at the salon, I have been very busy with fundraisers for another NIA show and some sales work for The Leigh Gallery. It has been satisfying to be so deeply involved in the arts, but the downside is that I haven’t had much time to make art with my own hands.

There are a couple of exceptions, and they both gave me practice with traditional materials and techniques. After a long stretch making nothing but edgy Pop Art, it feels good to be getting back to the basics. I made the charcoal drawing you see above at a recent Figure Drawing workshop at ChiPRC. For most of the evening, I was experimenting with bright, Fauvist colors. Then, the model gave us this beautifully classic pose; I chose to render it in the most classic way I knew how.

I was also recently commissioned by a super-fan to paint this portrait of tennis star, Rafael Nadal (below). It had been a long time since I picked up a paint brush, so this was a welcome exercise! I think my portrait skills have actually improved — possibly as a result of all those Urban Icons I made!

Rafael on the wall