New Painting – And Notes About Process

Robin Kissing Batgirl was the largest-scale painting commission I worked on in December.  The size was 60″ X 40″.  The assignment was to turn an iconic scene from a comic book into a painting. I wanted to give it the punch of a Pop Art piece.

The scene comes from either Robin: Year One or Batgirl: Year One, and the characters are under the copyright of DC Entertainment.

Here is one of the preliminary sketches I sent the client with two versions of the image:

I don’t have photos of the painting in progress to show you what I did next, but I did take photos of the painting from yesterday’s post at various stages of its development.

As you can see, I always tone my canvases with black rather than white, and then I start painting in the lighter areas.  At this stage, the painting looks similar to many of my pen and ink drawings.

You’ll notice that I originally had John the Baptist on the right-hand side of the composition holding a dove and handing the crucifix to baby Jesus.

Above is what I would consider a finished underpainting.  At this staege, I start building up the painting  proper using many layers of semi-transparent glazes.

It was at the above stage that I realized I didn’t like my John the Baptist at all.  I also felt there would be something more poignant about baby Jesus reaching for his fate rather than being handed it.  I then thought of the more dramatic entrance for the dove that I put in the final piece.  So I blacked out John the Baptist, repainted Mary’s left arm, and got to work on the dove and the background.

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