New Drawing, More on Concept

St. Michael the Archangel 2Here is another version of my previously posted St. Michael concept.  I try to produce more than one version of every idea, because I find that each new version is better than the last.  Indeed, there will probably be more versions of this concept in the weeks to come….

With this second drawing, I like the idea of fire coming forth where the two contestants are touching.  And I like the ambiguity of the flame — is it Satan or St. Michael who produces fire?

I tried not to put too many details into the forms.  I discovered with my recent tattoo commission that less is often more….  I resisted the urge to add a bunch of Kirbyesque shapes.


I have continued to examine my overarching concept.  Here are some additional thoughts I have added to my About page:

To the extent that comic book art has influenced my style, I have something in common with Pop artists.  However, I don’t pay much attention to popular culture, the major source of inspiration for Pop Art.  Instead, I look inwards for inspiration — to a realm of dreams that is informed by childhood fantasies but has also grown beyond it.  The artists who have most in common with my approach are Symbolists, those great dream-astronauts and art-shamans….

I use the humanoid figure to convey my ideas.  I am, however, curiously disinterested in depicting specific environments for these figures.  My subjects seem to float in or against a blank or ambiguous ground.  Likewise, they rarely wear garments that would connect them to a specific time or place.  There is something eternal and transpersonal in their non-specificity.  They can resonate with any viewer anywhere.  My pieces will connect with a viewer’s private dreams, because private dreams are also universal.