New Drawing, Better Concept

St. Michael the Archangel

This image of St. Michael the Archangel is my first new drawing on the website in many weeks.  I’ve been busy lately putting together class curricula, purchasing class supplies and marketing my events.  It’s been eye-opening to see how much time goes into each class behind-the-scenes (30+ hours), and I have a whole new respect for teachers!

I have, however, been taking time to apply my brain to concept-development.  There are two exhibits coming up for me (details pending), and I want to present my most fully fleshed-out works there.  This has required taking a hard look at myself and figuring out exactly what I’m trying to do.

I have added some initial self-analytic thoughts to my About page:

My aesthetic is deeply informed by a childhood love of comic books. Comic book illustrations resonates not only with Greek pottery decoration, but also with the formal characteristics of Synthetic Cubism and other fine art institutions. I draw on all these visual languages in my art.

I do not, however, use comic book styles to “dumb down” my message or lampoon it with cold irony. Comic book tropes are serious artistic statements, because they draw on a powerful wellspring of rituals and archetypes. Take, for instance, the preponderance of superheroes who have suffered death only to come back to life. Does this cliché not represent the same “death and rebirth” motif that is deeply rooted in the human psyche?

To an extent, the St. Michael image typifies my interests and intent.  The visual elements I described above are here, and so is an ancient struggle between defender and antagonist.  I embarked on this drawing as a way to help me define my artistic identity, and I feel clearer now on my portion of the artistic landscape.

I’m looking forward to producing the pieces for the shows, which will take everything you’ve seen so far to the next level….