New Drawing and Updates

A lot has happened in 2013.  My first home purchase, packing for the upcoming move, a death in the family, and planning for a wedding….  And I’m the one getting married!  I have also become involved with a fledgling print studio and workshop, which I will tell you more about as the opening day gets closer.  I will be teaching art classes there.

I have had a hard time getting back to painting since I finished Sad Pals, which I did immediately after the aforementioned death.  I think it was part of my grieving process.  I had some time yesterday to work, and I knew that I would be capable of drawing even if I can’t bring myself to paint yet.  I did another version of the Nativity image that I did back in December.

I wanted to emphasize Mary’s girlishness, which I think is an oft-forgotten quality.  I kept her nude, because she is the “new Eve.”  The bearskin comes from a dream in which the archetypal Spiritual Mother was wrapping her offspring in a bearskin.  I found out after the dream that bears are often associated with mothers in mythology.

Before I bring this post to a close, I will mention one more update.  When I started this blog, I was primarily drawing in black and white.  I chose a clean, monochromatic theme to reflect this style.  Over the past year, I have begun to work more and more in color.  I think it is time to bring some color into the website itself.  Stay tuned for a blog makeover….