New Cut-out Collages

Child ReachingChild Reaching

Sacred Heart (Op Art)

Sacred Heart

These are my two latest pieces for Art of the Solstice, which takes place June 21.  They join the ranks of my other cut-out collages.  I made these using machine-cut paper and adhesives, as I explained in my recent video.

With Child Reaching, I initially had a more complex scene in mind.  In one version, the child would be falling down into a funnel-shape.  In another, he would be reaching for a bird or balloon.  The first shapes I cut out were for the child.  I placed these shapes onto the patterned background paper, which was one of the stationaries I was going to use.  I ended up being so taken with the simplicity of what I saw that I canceled my other plans, and this became the final composition.

Sacred Heart, on the other hand, obeyed my initial plan.  I enjoyed combining the different zigzag patterns and textures.  They provide some visual interest and help to break up the shapes.  The result is not quite Op Art, but it possesses some of the visual tension you would find in a Bridget Riley piece.

2 thoughts on “New Cut-out Collages

  1. Great images Dean; strong, confident and you’ve distilled down the elements in the image to the essential forms, which gives them great impact. I love how the juxtaposed patterns and colours keep the surface very lively too, these are a great success, and i’m sure the show will be too!

    • Thank you, Phil! I always feel like I’m learning when I’m working with this technique, because there are so many options…. It keeps things interesting!

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