New Chicago Art

new-chicago-art2016 has been a tough year for regular Chicagoans like me, folks who are just trying to live and let live. Crime has been disturbingly high, corruption has been blatantly rampant, and the ongoing budget standoff has left many crucial services in jeopardy. It is safe to say that we have been thirsting for an emotional boost.

Cue the Chicago Cubs’ 2016 World Series victory, its first such win in 108 years. This was exactly the boost this city so desperately needed, as evidenced by the millions of fans who turned up for the team’s victory parade.chicago-2016-holy-cow

I can’t say that I’m a sports enthusiast, but I was happy for the players and for the people who have waited so long for a big win. I was also happy for the city, which was notably elevated in the days following Game 7. Everywhere I went, people were in high spirits.

To capture this jubilant moment in time, I created 12 new Chicago Art pieces. They have taken up residence at Natural Elements Salon, which housed my earlier Chicago Art exhibit. Sales have reflected the current wave of Chicago Pride, as 8 of the pieces have already found new homes after just a few days on the walls.


I will not be making duplicates of these pieces, so see them while you can! Natural Elements Salon is located at 2212 N Lincoln Ave.