New birthday paintings

Continuing my series of children’s birthday commissions, which you can read about here, here, here and here….  These new portrait paintings were based on the lives and interests of two birthday boys, Max and Carter.

Max Catching a Marlin

Carter the Iron Giant

Stylistically, these images are miles away from my usual stark approach.  It was refreshing, however, to work with such classic illustration imagery as a boy fishing, or the facade of a shop.  It is also fun to practice using color — not my strongest suit, but one I am understanding more and more as I go.

The following photos show the finished pieces, along with step-by-step photos of their creation all the way through framing….

Max Catching a Marlin

Max Catching a Marlin on easel

Max Catching a Marlin green and yellowMax Catching a Marlin green yellow and red

Max Catching a Marlin framed

Carter, the Iron Giant

Carter the Iron Giant complete

Carter the Iron Giant green and blackCarter the Iron Giant green and yellow

Carter the Iron Giant green yellow and red

Carter the Iron Giant framed