My New Mini-Comic

Drawing Board comics

Dean folding Drawing Board comicLast month, I took part in a great community event at ChiPRC titled The Drawing Board.  Three artists including myself created a mini-comic on the spot using a surprise topic: bats in the summertime.

The three comics pictured above were created by (from left to right) me, Natalie Walser and John Wawrzaszek.  The comics were then packaged in an envelope designed by John.  You can see me folding some of these envelopes to the left.

Copies of the compilation can be purchased from Quimby’s Bookstore, located at 1854 W. North Ave.  All proceeds go to support continued programming at ChiPRC.

I wish I could upload some pages, but I want them to be exclusive to the print edition!
Dean with Drawing Board comic