In dream, I walk into a room infused with the soft, warm glow of a fire in the fireplace.  On the floor, a hearty mother, her skin red from sun, comforts her twins — a boy and a girl.  She lovingly wraps them in a bearskin.

Upon waking, the image sticks with me.  I do some research, and I learn that bears are often representative of motherhood and the archetypal womb.  The bear reference pops up again in later dreams, and so do the twins.

The wrapping of the twins suggests to me the resolution of duality in deeper states of consciousness.  I listen to the mother’s wisdom, and I try to emulate her nurturing — by owning and integrating my varied aspects.

Shortly before my move, I posted a Nativity image in which the Virgin Mary and Jesus are wrapped in a bearskin.  Although the bearskin resonates with me deeply, I regretted including it in the Nativity drawing.  Marian symbology is already rich and complete without my embellishment.  Adding the bear also distracts from the relationship between the primary figures — Mary, Jesus and the Spirit.

Here then is an updated version:

And here is an even more simplified version I did immediately after the preceding: