Monty and Nicky

In November, a dear family member gave us a wonderful wedding gift — two kittens!  They have added so much affection, joy and laughter to our household.  Even when they are getting into trouble, they are so cute.

Monty and Nicky 2

Photo by Jerry Sacher

They are brothers from the same litter, but they look nothing alike.  There is Monty, an orange long-hair.  He loves physical affection.  When you pet him, he coos like a dove!  Then there is Nicky, a grey short-hair.  He is more likely to keep to himself.  He likes to meow, however.  Especially before he leaps, almost like he is saying, “Clear the way!”

Kittens in Sink

Photo by Jerry Sacher

For some reason, Nicky claimed me.  He likes to hang out with me when I am working in the studio.  Maybe he recognizes that I am a kindred introvert.  Monty seems to prefer Jerry, so it works out.  We each have a cat!

Dean and Nicky1

Photo by Jerry Sacher

Dean and Nicky2

Photo by Jerry Sacher

The person who gave us Monty and Nicky loves cats, and I know it was hard for her to see them go.  For Christmas, I decided to make her a print our little guys.  To remind her that they are loved, and they are still part of her family.

Monty and Nicky framed

I like the blue-on-black for the gift version.  There is something at once warm and modern about this version.  I also made prints using silver and gold ink:

Monty and Nicky Silver Monty and Nicky Gold