Hello, everyone!  The big news that I announced this spring has come to fruition: I was married last Friday!

My spouse is Jerry Sacher, author of two published novels: The Saint of San Francisco and The Rosary and the Badge.

We got married in San Francisco, Jerry’s favorite city and one to which I know we will return many times over the years.  This was the magical scene that I discovered when I awoke that day….

It also happened to be a Full Moon, which according to some traditions is a time of culmination and celebration.  These photos were taken the day after the ceremony, and you can still see how round the moon is in the sky:

It was an occasion of joy and abundance, and we were blessed to be joined by several friends and family members.  I couldn’t have asked for a more special or sacred experience….

During our honeymoon, we passed by Harvey Milk’s old camera shop.  His activism and assassination served as a poignant contrast to the recent Supreme Court decision that gave our marriage federal recognition.  We stand on the shoulders of heroes and martyrs….

The Castro

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  1. Dean, congratulations fella, wonderful news and wishing you both all the very best for a long and happy future together. The photos are great – married on a sunny day in San Francisco – can’t get better than that !

    • Thank you for the warm wishes, Phil! The five days we were in San Francisco constitute one of the highlights of my life. I had an amazing time….

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