Logo Designs

This week, I was hired by a non-profit company to create a custom logo.  The mission of Athletic Souls is to offer fundraising assistance to sports organizations.  I produced several design concepts that highlighted various aspects of the business, including the financial and the sports-related components.  But the winning design is definitely my favorite:

Athletic Souls diamond logo grassThis was inspired by the baseball diamond on the company’s website homepage. The angled lines of the A correspond to the white line that connects the bases. The S is integrated into the A, forming its crossbar.  This is a sharp and modern logo, one that will look attractive as a letterhead, on t-shirts, on flyers, etc.

I also took time this week to produce a new logo for my husband, Jerry.  We’re working on a make-over for his website, and the new look will ultimately correspond to this logo.  It is exciting and flashy, and it conveys the adventurous spirit of his novels.  Much of his work is set in the past, so we wanted to reference history.  He is also very passionate about Titanic research, so we used the silhouette of the ship:

Titanic logo with name and textAnd here is just the pictorial part of the logo, which works well on its own:

Titanic logo

These projects reminded me of another commission I completed last year.  I helped the owner of The Souls Journey Life Coaching produce a custom logo.  In this case, she had sketched out her own idea with red and black ball-point pen, and she wanted me to refine the design.  This is what we came up with:

Souls Journey logo with textSouls Journey logo

Of course, regular readers of this blog will remember the logo I created for NIA, the artist group with which I occasionally exhibit.  My goal here was to make a clean and memorable logo, one that that instantly decodes the meaning of the acronym “NIA”.  Hence, the word Artists is writ large:

Northside Independent ArtistsDesigning logos is fun — it calls upon all of my skills as an aesthete and a communicator.  If you need a custom logo designed for your business, let’s see what I can do for you.  Contact me at dean@deanjohnsonartstudio.com.

Also, check out the new Graphic Design section of my Gallery.  It includes many of the flyers I have produced for my workshops and events.