Linocut report

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The first in my series of printmaking classes was tonight, and Linocut 101 was a resounding success!  I will likely schedule a follow-up linocut workshop later this fall to give more people the chance to attend.

Dean writing on chalkboardThis is one of those processes that is best learned through hands-on experience.  And it helps to have someone there to talk you through your first cuts.

We started by watching my recent linocut video, which gives a quick overview of the entire process from initial sketching to final printing.  We then analyzed some of my own blocks and prints.

Dean teachingThis initial discussion gave everyone a good basis for experimenting with their own first carvings.  I gave a quick demo before stepping back to supervise the class.

Dean with projector 2It wasn’t long before we were ready to print!  It’s neat to see people’s reactions the first time they peel pages off of a printing block.  To discover the power to replicate a sketch over and over is amazing!

Dean with projector

Dean carvingRegistration is also open for two other printmaking classes: Fun Foam and Screenprinting with Mod Podge.  Each printmaking technique creates its own unique aesthetic….

Terrie carving

Terrie printing

Here are some prints from the demo block I made:

PrintsMy favorite print:

Flying Through the Rain