Learning on the Job

I am still brimming with excitement over my inclusion in the Catholic Charities Gala of the Arts last week! None of my work sold, but I learned a lot about how to manage this type of exhibit. Sometimes, those learning experiences are more valuable than art sales. Based on things that happened during this show, I would do a few things differently next time.

The afternoon of the show, I received a call from one of the event volunteers who wanted to know where my work was! I had hired an Art Handler to drop off the pieces, and he had sent me verbal confirmation of the delivery two hours before I got this call. As far as I knew, the art should have already been on location. Needless to say, I was freaking out.gala-box

Eventually, the box of art turned up. The only explanation I can figure is that someone on the staff had misplaced the box. The lesson for me is that I need to better document all deliveries. If I had supplied my Handler with a form for the person who received it to sign, then the event staff would have been responsible for the art.

Consider a worse-case scenario: the box would have never been found. Maybe someone walked off with it, or it was accidentally thrown away. With proper documentation, I might have been able to obtain reimbursement from the event’s insurance carrier. Without documentation, I would have had nothing.

The work was installed in time for the show, although it looked to me like it was installed in a hurry. See the picture below. The placement wasn’t close to being as precise as the layout design I had submitted. I have to wonder how the display would have turned out if I could have helped the staff locate the artwork sooner. Documentation would have led us to the last person to see the box.