I’m For 858!


As most of you know, I serve as Arts Coordinator for the non-profit studio space, Chicago Publishers Resource Center — or ChiPRC, for short. Over the last three years, that little space at 858 N Ashland has been a crucial component in my artistic growth, hosting the majority of my art shows and all of my workshops.


ChiPRC is more, however, than just a venue. It is a place where people grow. Creative folks come to us for writing workshops or art classes, to read their poetry or prose in a public format, or to present their artwork in an exhibit. They walk away with new knowledge and inspiration.dean-at-chalk-board

Some of these folks turn around and create future programming, inviting the community to share the creativity they bring to the table.



Whenever one of us steps into a leadership role — and this is something I have seen first-hand — we gain invaluable skills and experience. We become event planners, lead organizers, promoters, and instructors or curators. As a result, we have a new power to determine and navigate our careers.

Working with ChiPRC has given me, and so many people like me, the confidence to create events out of thin air, and the know-how to make art-show-crowd
them happen. I want for creative folks to be able to continue discovering their own power in this way. That’s why I am supporting the ChiPRC 2016 Membership Drive.

In other words, that’s why I’m for 858! If you are inspired by our story, please help us continue our mission.

Please donate or share our campaign!