Way back in 2012, in my third blog post (which you can read here), I shared a few of the illustrations I made for author John Wawrzaszek’s Field Manual: Human Body zine. (You can read an excerpt from the hilariously surreal zine here.) I enjoyed the project, but I never expected to return to these illustrations I made so long ago….

John has also been organizing a long-running series of readings called Two Cookie Minimum. Last night was the 6th anniversary of the series, and John commemorated the occasion by presenting a couple of chapters from Human Body. He wanted to project some of the illustrations while he read, but he didn’t want to use the same black-and-white versions that everyone has already seen.

For this special anniversary, John asked me to colorize the drawings. I decided to make the coloration look like the printing techniques you see in old anatomy textbooks. (If you click on an image, you will get a closer look.) The result is fun and adds a new dimension to the drawings. You can see a photo from the reading here, taken by Alex Nall.

Ears in color

Head in colorEyes in color








Teeth with colorStomach in color








Skin in colorBack in color








Muscles in colorFeet in color








Blood in color
Reproductive System Female in color







Reproductive System Male in colorGenitals in color