Help support ChiPRC


Readers of this blog know that the vast majority of my workshops, art exhibits and other events have taken place at ChiPRC, the non-profit studio space where I serve as Arts Coordinator. It is safe to say that the experience and exposure I have gained there have formed the foundation for all of my successes over the last two years. Even the successes that have occurred outside of ChiPRC wouldn’t be possible without the experience I received there.

ChiPRC taught me how to organize and promote events. It taught me how to partner with other individuals and organizations for a common purpose. It taught me to fine-tune my art skills so I could teach them to other people. I grew at ChiPRC, because ChiPRC is a place for artists (and all creative people) to grow.

For two years, ChiPRC itself has grown from a completely unknown entity to a vibrant center for the creative community, serving artists, writers, and people involved in all facets of self-publishing. It has engaged with the surrounding neighborhood, partnering with the Chicago Public Library, Transit Residency, Learnapalooza and numerous local businesses.

We are, however, still underfunded. The blunt truth is that we will not be able to continue to grow and to serve unless those who see value in what we do are willing to invest in us now. We are looking to our network of friends and supporters, as well as anyone out there inspired by our mission, to donate to our Indiegogo campaign.

Please make a donation if you can, and help ensure that ChiPRC has a future. Not just for those of us who volunteer, but for all the up-and-coming artists and writers who will grow as a result of their work at ChiPRC. Thank you.