Great Art Show

work at salon showMy art opening on Saturday was a phenomenal success! I sold nearly half of the 21 pieces I had hung; I received orders for four additional pieces; and I am in early talks with one of the buyers regarding a possible show in the suburbs! I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting and validating evening.

The series on display represented “Chicago Art“. It was interesting talking with visitors, most of whom were Chicagoans, regarding the places and objects they recognized in my work. Most of the buyers had personal connections to the references in the pieces they purchased. Their feedback reminds me of the importance of relatability in art.

In some of my work, my references are so esoteric or personal that very few people would relate to them. Personal art definitely has a place (as well as a therapeutic function for the artist), but art that has universal meaning will always be most relevant and lasting. When I look back at the wide variety of themes I have presented in past shows, I can see that the most warmly-received pieces were always those with relatable imagery.

As I mentioned, I did receive orders for some additional Chicago art, and I would also like to fill some of the gaps on the walls at the salon, so I will be working in this vein for awhile longer. When I do move onto other themes, I would like to retain the things I learned from this experience. Hopefully, I will have many more posts about positive connections between artist and audience.

salon profile picDean at salon show

The Yin Yang Picasso

The Bowman 2

Marina City 3

4 thoughts on “Great Art Show

  1. Huge congrats on such a successful show Dean, it’s great to see all your hard work paying off and appreciated. the work looks so well presented too which helps enormously. It also sounds like the experience of the show is feeding ideas back and influencing more work along with some commissions so you can get stuck in to more work after the show and avoid the post exhibition blues 😉

    • Yes, those post-exhibition blues are always nasty business…. It helps that I am very busy working on Art on Ashland, the art walk I announced in a recent post. If I could always have show after show lined up, I don’t think I would ever get the post-exhibition blues!!

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